About the Instrument:  

    This stringed instrument, originally developed by enslaved Africans, has come to enjoy immense popularity in American traditional styles of music. Banjos come in many different configurations, such as Open-Back, for old time styles and Clawhammer. And Resonator, great for Bluegrass and contemporary music. For sheer musical excitement, it’s hard to beat a hot bluegrass banjo. Also known unofficially as the world's greatest antidepressant. Lifts the spirits and puts a smile on your face.


Purchase Price: $150-1,000.00

Rental Price: $25.00 per month

How Loud Is It?: 85 dbl.

Difficulty Level: 6

Can the Sound be Muted?: Yes, for a banjo with an electric pick up, not for an acoustic banjo.

Weight: 5-15 lbs.

Additional Costs, What else you’ll need:

New strings.

    A strap to relieve the weight of the banjo, usually used for standing.

    Picks, which fit around the thumb and fingers, help give the banjo it’s distinctive sound.


Scholarship Opportunities:


Performing Opportunities:

Bluegrass, Country and Western, Folk music.


Related Instruments: Guitar, Dobro, Mandolin.

Pros: One of the heartland instruments, hard to find someone that doesn’t like the sound. Less expensive than guitars.

Cons: Like any multi-stringed instrument, coordination and technique will take some time and patience.

Why play the Banjo? Click on the movie below.