About the Instrument:

    Most people simply love the cello’s sound. Sitting in the lower middle part of the string section, it sounds within a range that’s pleasing to our ears. Not too high, not too low. Although one of the harder instruments to transport, and one of the most expensive for a professional instrument, players still gravitate towards it’s range of sound. For all the cello players, the hassle of transportation is small compared to the satisfaction of playing this beautiful instrument.


Purchase Price: $500-$250,000.00

Rental Price: $40-60.00 per month

How Loud Is It?: 82 dbl.

Difficulty Level: 7

Can the Sound be Muted?:

There are 2 types of mutes.... 

1. a "regular" mute softens the instrument sound for performing purposes as notated per composer request. 

2. The other is actually called a "practice mute" and deadens the sound, great for soft practice.

Weight: 5-10lbs. by itself, 20-30 with case.

Additional costs, What else you’ll need:

Replacement strings.

a bow, (can be very expensive)

rosin for the bow.  

Scholarship Opportunities: Yes.

Performing Opportunities: Solo pieces, Small Ensembles, Orchestras, TV and Film score work.


Related Instruments: Other instruments in the String family: Violin, Viola, Double Bass.

Pros: No Orchestra is complete without the Cello section. You always get to sit down while you play. Doesn’t rest on your shoulder as the Violin and Viola do, and it’s not as big and bulky as the Double Bass.

Cons: Like any string instrument, bowing technique and hand control on the strings will take time to learn. Bigger, heavier instrument to transport. Very expensive for a professional grade instrument.

Why play the Cello? Click on the movie below.

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