Including, but not limited to:

Timpani, Cymbals, Snare drum, Bass drum, Chimes, Orchestra Bells, Woodblocks, Vibraphone, Xylophone, Marimba, Triangle, Tambourine, Shakers, Cowbells, Anvil, Gong, Cannon, etc...


About the Instruments:

    For those looking to explore many different instruments at the same time, Classical Percussion offers you the never ending variables of different instruments, while keeping you in the same section in the Orchestra. You’ll have to learn to read many different kinds of music notation, and the separate techniques of each instrument. Having the ability to play both louder and softer than other instruments is an added bonus. If you’re looking to be a drummer that also has the ability to perform on melodic instruments, then the Classical Percussion section is the place for you.


Purchase Price: $20,000

Rental Price: $500.00 per day

How Loud Is It?: 110 dbl.

Difficulty Level: 7

Can the Sound be Muted?: No.

Weight: 500 lbs.

Additional costs, What else you’ll need: New heads on Timpani, etc..

Sticks, Mallets, Brushes. Varying stands and tables.


Scholarship Opportunities: Yes

Performing Opportunities: Symphony, Marching Band, Broadway Shows, Jazz (Mallet Instruments), TV and Movie Soundtracks.


Related Instruments: Drum Kit, World Percussion

Pros: Learning proper technique on one instrument makes it relatively easy to learn all of the others.

Cons: A lot of gear to haul around and/or be responsible for. Must learn to read both music and percussion notation. Need space to store all of the instruments.

Why play Classical Percussion? Click on the movies below.

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