About the Instrument:

    What can you say about the world’s oldest musical instrument? Before any other instruments, both man and animals were beating objects in a rhythmic way to show social dominance. Although the drums themselves have been refined over the years into a myriad of sounds and possibilities, the basic tenets of people moving to the sound of drums has remained the same. If it grooves, people move. Although drummers very often are in the back of the band and there is usually only one drummer in the band, no other instrument can get the audiences’ attention faster. The saying “he marches to his own drummer” tells as much about the individual as it does the general love of drums.


Purchase Price: $400-$12,000

Rental Price: $30.00-55.95 monthly

How Loud Is It?: 125dbl.

Difficulty Level: 6

Can the Sound be Muted?: Only by playing an electronic kit.

Weight: 40-120lbs.

Additional costs, What else you’ll need: New drum heads and drum sticks, brushes, stick bag, drum tuning key,

Scholarship Opportunities: Yes.

Performing Opportunities: Just about every style of music uses drums in some form.


Related Instruments: Classical Percussion, Latin Percussion.

Pros: Fun, loud, Impressive. Basic beats are fairly easy to learn.

Cons: LOUD. Heavy. Hard to transport. Usually the first to arrive and last to leave at a job.

Why play the Drums? Click on the movie below.