About the Instrument:

    One of the oldest instruments in one form or another, the Flute is another Instrument that became the musical fabric of many cultures. Seriously, how can an instrument this small make this much sound? One of the easiest sounds to hear in the Orchestra, the flute is well know for it’s high range, and technical facility. As comfortable playing Latin Jazz as in the Orchestra, the Flute can take you to many different kinds of music performances. And because of it’s small size, you can get there on a scooter.


Purchase Price: $500-30,000.00

Rental Price: $15-30 per month

How Loud Is It?:  85 dbl.

Difficulty Level: 6.5

Can the Sound be Muted?: No.

Weight: 1-3 lbs., depending on plating and construction.

Additional costs, What else you’ll need:  

Swab to clean the flute, flute stand. Standard adjustments.

Scholarship Opportunities: Yes.

Performing Opportunities: Solo pieces, small Ensembles, Orchestra, Rock n’ Roll, Latin Jazz, TV and Movie Soundtracks.


Related Instruments: Piccolo, Alto Flute, a myriad of flutes from different cultures.

Pros:  The lightest, easiest instrument to transport in the Orchestra.

Cons: Unique Embouchure (mouth on the head joint) will take getting used to, as well as having the instrument out to your side.

Why play the Flute? Click on the movie below.

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