About the Instrument:

    Nobility and royalty are often thought of when you hear the sound of the Horn. And it’s no wonder, since it’s first inception was to call hounds to hunt by sounding like a human voice, but carrying much further. Mozart, Telemann, Handel, Bach, and Mahler are just some of the famous composers that have written works for the Horn. One of the harder instruments to play, it also is one of the most stirring sounds in the Orchestra.


Purchase Price: $500-$7,000

Rental Price: $32.00-50.00

How Loud Is It?: 85 dbl.

Difficulty Level: 8

Can the Sound be Muted?: Yes, and is to some degree by the hand in the bell. But there are mutes that go in the bell.

Weight: 7-10 lbs.

Additional costs, What else you’ll need: Valve Oil.

Scholarship Opportunities: Yes.

Performing Opportunities: Orchestra, Chamber Ensembles, Concert Band, limited in Jazz. TV and Movie Soundtracks.


Related Instruments: Trumpet, Trombone

Pros: Comfortable sitting position to play. Very identifiable sound, majestic, proud.

Cons: Hard instrument to control. Unusual shape makes for an unusual case. Somewhat bulky.

Why play the French Horn? Click on the movie below.