About the Instrument:

    If you play the harmonica, then you have something in common with Abraham Lincoln, Wyatt Earp, and Billie the Kid, all harmonica players. Easy to learn while still being a very expressive instrument, the harmonica has travelled the world over many times because it’s so easy to carry. Although you may not be asked to join the Symphony, you’ll be rockin’ the blues so hard you won’t mind at all.


Purchase Price: $20-250

Rental Price: Not Rented

How Loud Is It?: 70 dbl.

Difficulty Level: 3

Can the Sound be Muted?: A little, by cupping your hand over the harmonica.

Weight: 10 oz.

Additional costs, What else you’ll need:

You can replace the reed plates, but most people just buy a new harmonica.

Each Diatonic Harmonica is tuned to a certain key, so usually a player owns many Harmonicas in different keys. A bullet microphone works best to be amplified, but is not necessary. Most players have a case or a belt that holds all of their Harmonicas.

Scholarship Opportunities: Limited

Performing Opportunities: Blues, Rock n’ Roll, Jazz, Anywhere that you’d like to jam.


Related Instruments: None.

Pros: Easy to learn, fun to play. Easy to carry.

Cons: You’ll have to own multiple harmonicas in different keys. Some people don’t hire harmonica players, they just learn how to play it themselves.

Why play the Harmonica? Click on the movie below.