About the Instruments:

    So many instruments, so much fun. While it has the advantage of being a set of instruments that you can immediately get sounds out of, learning more and more instruments with proper technique from different countries can set you on a path of lifetime learning. The excitement of a Percussion solo, and the way it compels an audience to dance, are often strong calling cards for this group of instruments. Just remember you’ll probably never be able to drive a sports car to your concert, unless you’ve got someone else bringing your instruments.


Purchase Price: $500-$??,???

Rental Price: Not rented for long term use.

How Loud Is It?: 90 dbl.

Difficulty Level: 6

Can the Sound be Muted?: No

Weight: Depends on the amount of instruments, but starting at probably 25 lbs.

Additional costs, What else you’ll need:

    Table for misc. percussion, tuning keys, extra heads for the various drums, stands for drums, cymbal stands, various kinds of sticks, brushes, mallets, etc..      

Scholarship Opportunities: Limited.

Performing Opportunities: TV and Movie Soundtracks, original recordings, ethnic music of all types.


Related Instruments: Drum kit, Classical Percussion

Pros: Immediately able to create sound. Fun to play. Ability to perform many different  styles of music.

Cons: Warehouse to store instruments, and a truck to transport them. Many different techniques needed for different instruments.

Why play World Percussion? Click on the movie below.

Including, but not limited to:

Congas, Bongos, Duduk, Cajon, Djembe, Taiko, Tabla, Timbales, Caxixi, Triangle, Tambourine, Cabasa, Guiro,

Shakers, Cowbells, Cymbals, etc...